The exhibition presents the approach of 14 selected authors from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day to the issue of the garden as a theme within the genre of landscape painting, or a scene for a story, an atmosphere that evokes the environs, but also as an art problem or challenge. This only alternate reprise is presented in the Gallery of Spiš Artists as a part of the cycle THEME. The selection of the project for the exhibition plan is not random. The Gallery Garden of Art directly corresponds to the exhibition, which is a short excursion into the Slovak art-history perception of the “green islands”. 


Authors: Janko Alexy – Ján Berger – Daniel Brunovský – Ján Hrnčiarik – Július Jakoby  – Viera Kraicová  – Gustáv Mallý – Juraj Martiška – Jana Nováková – Milica Podstrelencová – Maximilián Schurmann – Jozef Sušienka – Ester M. Šimerová –  Amalka Ľudmila Valenčíková


The garden is a specific formation, artificially organized landscape section. It is created by human intervention and as a creative achievement it can itself be a work of art. The garden is constantly changing and creating it so that it is not only beautiful at the moment of its creation, but even after a certain time, or in every year or day, it requires a great deal of knowledge, but also of creativity, of imagination. Initially, the gardens were created by human in order to give a piece of the wilderness where one can feel safe in it. Later, the founding of gardens began to be regarded as the highest art in which architecture was associated with sculpture and painting. In many cultures, the garden was considered a kind of paradise and they devoted their due attention to it. Even one of the seven wonders of the world are just gardens. In the visual arts, the garden is often a theme worthy of independent design, or an environs framing another genre. But it can also be a laboratory in which artists create their beauty and it also can serve them to test and apply certain artistic views, practices, directions and styles.


The exhibition is implemented thanks to the cooperation with SNG - Ľudovít Fulla Gallery and Society of Koloman Sokol. Due to the almost 100-year´s diapason of the authors, the art-works are presented not only from the private collections and property of the authors, but mainly from the collections of some important memory institutions in Slovakia: Slovak National Gallery, Central-Slovakian Gallery, Nitra Gallery, Liptov Gallery of P. Bohúň, Považská Gallery, East-Slovakian Gallery.

The exhibition is accompanied by an original catalogue and educational aid - Exhibition Guide that will serve as an additional information material for both adult visitors and school groups.


Curator: PhDr. Zuzana Gažíková - SNG

Production: Mgr. Mária Šabľová - GUS

Graphic design: Mgr. art. Ivana Babejová - GUS


24.07.2019 o 17.00 hod.

Miesto konania

Galéria umelcov Spiša
Zimná 46, Spišská Nová Ves


24.07.2019 - 24.11.2019

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